We can build your plasma system custom made to your application.
We design and construct your plasma systems, taken into account the following aspects:
  • Expected production volumes (mass flow rate)
  • Dimensions of the parts that need to be treated

The dimensions of the custom made systems are largely depending on the volume of the vacuum chamber.
The plasma systems can be equipped with manually operated doors or automatic doors for serial production.
For applications where high volumes of small component sneed treatment, a rotating drum can be integrated.

The 4 most importnat applications are:
  • Cleaning of parts
  • Activation of the surface
  • Etching
  • Coating

We have built many plasma systems with different volumes of vacuum chambers between 30 liter up to 12600 liter. 
  • In-line plasma cleaning
  • R&D plasma system, optionally equipped with sputter deposition source or a thermal evaporation system
  • Polymerization of textile (roll-to-roll operation)
  • In-line etching of PCB
  • Foil treatment (roll-to-roll)

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