Plasma treatment

Surface preparation

Plasma technologie is very well suited as a surface treatment for many different materials. By choosing plasma treatement you avoid the use of solvents to remove residues of oil or fat. Before applying a coating, a glue or a print, the surface of the used material needs to be well prepared. Standard cleaning methods like sanding, sandblasting, solvent cleaning and other techniques are possible solutions.

Plasma treatment is less well known as a surface cleaning method, but could be the right solution for many applications.


Ultra clean surface

Improved humidity of the surface

Shear and pull strenght increases 2 to 10 times

Improved adhesion of coating or printing


The surface becomes active for new bonds

Removes silicone and oil from the surface


The total surface area increases

The surface humidity increases

Different applications tailored to your needs


New specific surface properties

Hydrophylic coating

Hydrophobic coating

How can we improve the adhesion?


Cleaning and degreasing

Removing oil residu and/or fat is the first step that is required. There are different methods available:

- Cleaning with solvents, acids or bases - electrolytic degreasing - vapor degreasing - ultrasonic degreasing
- Plasma cleaning


Chemical pretreatment

A chemical pretreatment consists of the following steps:

- Degreasing - rinsing - pickling - rinsing
- Plasma treatment


Mechanical pretreatment

oxides are removed from the surface and the surface is roughened by:

- Blasting - sanding - grinding - brushing
- Plasma micro sanding

Discover the possibilities for plasma treatment

There are many forms of plasma surface treatment for different applications. Moreover, these techniques are used in many sectors, from the medical sector  sector to the automotive industry. At SINVACON you will always find the right systems for your plasma treatment. You can purchase equipment or rent equipment temporarily. It is also possible to outsource your applications to us. Our experienced employees have the necessary knowledge and materials to achieve this successfully. Would you like more information about the options? Contact us via the contact form or call +32(0)478 54 69 68.

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