DIENER Atmospheric plasma systems

If you are looking for cold atmospheric plasma systems, such as a plasma beam, you can count on us. SINVACON from Gavere is specialized in plasma treatment of various materials. You can contact us for the treatment itself, as well as for the purchase or rental of various cold atmospheric plasma and low pressure plasma systems. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you to come up with a tailor-made solution for your company. Read on and discover more about the plasmabeam and our other systems.

How do cold atmospheric plasma and the plasma beam work?

Cold atmospheric plasma technology is used to activate and clean surfaces of various materials. This is done by means of reactive particles in the plasma that loosen particles from the surface. These are then removed by the jet's accelerated airflow. Due to the ultra-fine precision of systems such as the plasma beam, this leads to better quality compared to traditional cleaning methods. Because the jet has no electrical charge, you can use the plasma beam for various processes in industrial electronics. This cold atmospheric plasma system is suitable for the following processes:

  • gluing
  • To connect
  • printing
  • soldering
  • welding
  • Coating

Discover our different systems

SINVACON has various systems for cold atmospheric plasma and various versions of the plasma beam. These each have their own applications. The plasma systems are suitable for conductive materials such as metals and non-conductive materials such as plastics, glass and hybrid materials. You can find more information about each cold atmospheric plasma system and its applications in the download technical brochures.

Ask about the possibilities for cold atmospheric plasma
Are you interested in purchasing a plasma beam or other systems for atmospheric plasma? Would you like a demonstration or more information? Please contact us. Use the contact form or call +32(0)478 54 69 68.

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