Plasma systems

Low pressure plasma systems

Low pressure plasma systems are used for cleaning and activation of the surface. Think of polymers, metals, textile or creamic materials, being used in many applications. With plasma the surface tension can be increased or decreased in order to change the surface properties, for instance for better adhesion when gluing. In a low pressure plasma system a plasma is generated inside a vacuum chamber. The plasma will cover the complete surface of the material.

Atmospheric plasma systems

SINVACON is also specialized in atmospheric plasma systems, that are used for cleaning for instance industriel electronic parts and machines. This is realised by the reactive particles in the plasma. The plasma will convert the free carbon on the surface to carbon dioxide which is volatile and is blown off the surface by the active plasma flow. Our Plasmabeam is equipped with a plasmagun that is moved over the surface during the cleaning.

Buying or renting a plasm system

We offer the possibilitiy to rent or buy a plasma system and also the option to outsource the plasma cleaning at our facilities by our specialists. We can also demonstrate the plasma cleaning at our or at your facilities. You can contact us at +32(0)478 54 69 68. or fill out the contact form.

Curious about what plasma can do for you?

We are ready to assist you further. So be sure to let us know. You can reach us by mail and telephone. We are happy to schedule a demo to demonstrate concretely what you can expect.

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