What is plasma?

In a plasma charged particles with high energy are formed like ions, electrons, UV-light and free atoms. 

Any material has one of the following state of matter:

- solid
- liquid
- gas

A plasma ignites when we supply sufficient energy to the gasmolecules.

What are the advantages of plasma?

plasma can be used for conductive materials, insulating materials and semiconductors

it is an environment friendly technology, without added chemicals or waste products

with plasma you can create added value to your products and it is not expensive

with some modifications we can etch materials or produce polymers with plasma

Which types of plasma exist?

A plasma treatment can replace labour intensive mechanical treatments and/or additional surface treatments. 

Plasma cleaning

A plasma cleaner is an excellent system for cleaning plastics, metals, glass and ceramic materials. At SINVACON in Gavere you will find a wide range of systems for surface cleaning with plasma. These systems are available for sale and rental. You can also contact us for various plasma treatments.

Plasma activation

UV rays and active oxygen particles in the plasma break various bonds and remove silicone and oil from the surface. Active oxygen radicals bind to the entire surface, which becomes highly active for new bonds.

Plasma etsen

Plasma has many applications in industry, including etching or etching materials for optimal results. SINVACON in Gavere is specialized in the sale and rental of large and small plasma treatment systems for companies.

Plasma coating

Plasma coating, and in particular hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating, is a widely used technique in various sectors and industries. This technology therefore offers many advantages. For example, it is possible to use plasma technology to treat PDMS and other materials with a coating for a good connection and to strengthen the surface.

In the video below you will find out which types of plasma treatments there are.

Which plasma systems can be used?

As plasma is present in many industries, we offer a variety of plasma techniques and plasma systems to companies that can be used for their applications. We distinguish between "low pressure plasma systems" and "atmospheric plasma systems".

Low pressure

Cold low pressure plasma or low pressure plasma is extremely suitable for cleaning and activating a surface of different materials.

Atmosferisch plasma

Cold atmospheric plasma technology is used to activate and clean surfaces of various materials like industrial electronic parts.

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